Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pimple wali didi to soft skin didi

One year back my face was with full of pimples. I had suffered a lot of pain physically, emotionally and mentally because of these pimples and marks of my face. I was fed up with the sarcastic comments which were passed by the people on my appearance. I was frustrated by the suggestions and various remedies offered to me for curing my pimple face. I had tried at least more than 50 products (Homemade and commercial) to clear pimples and to make my face clean but nothing works on it. Here are the comments which were passed on me by majority of people.

Some of most common Comments / taunts:-

1) Children of our colony used to call me pimple wali didi ( Lady with pimple face)

2) Aunties used to tell me that they could not see my face as it is covered with pimples.

3) People use to tell my parents that getting groom for me is a big task. No one likes to marry a pimpled face girl.

4) My classmates avoided my company.

5) My dance teacher and friends were used to tell me that there is no space on my face to put makeup.

6) Beauty parlor ladies avoided to clean my face.

List is endless. I was so depressed with my pimple face and moreover highly depressed with such comments. That is not the end, people, so called my well wishers and close relatives did not leave any chance to suggest number of remedies to make my face pimple free. All these unnecessary and unwanted suggestions disturbed me a lot.

People used to feel sorry for me and offered sympathetic words to heal my trauma. All these affected me and hurt me a lot. Sympathetic words as listed below had annoyed me and made me feel guilty for my pimple face.

1) What a pity girl, having so many pimples on her face.

2) My friends use to tell to wear bright color dresses to distract the attention of people from my face.

3) People told me to wear broad glares to hide my face.

4) People use to console me as if something very wrong had happened with me.

5) People had also told me that I need not to worry for marriage. There are so many people who are single or find some guy who looks alike you.

Infinite numbers of treatments were offered to me by people who considered themselves as world renounced dermatologist. That list is countless. I was very much worried not for my face but for people who were having problems with my face. I was tired, depressed, was with low confidence and for 6 months or so, I had completely avoided public places, party and get together etc.

After a long time, I went to my best friend’s wedding. But pimples……. here also had come in my way of enjoyment. Out of a sudden, a child came to me and told “Pimple wali did apko mausi bula rahi hai” (Aunt is calling you Pimple faces lady). My heart skunked, my face was just dropped. With that long face I went to my aunty and she told me to give flowers to people who had come from groom side. I had carried the basket with flower and started distributing the same. Then I over heard some saying “ vo pimple wali ke pass kitne sundar phool hai” ( see that girl with pimple is having beautiful flowers). I was shocked and ran to washroom. I understood that my identity is not my education, not my family, not my profession but my identity is my pimples. My tears rolled down on my pimpled chicks. Perhaps that day I had seriously observed my face. Then I decided to get rid of these pimples.

Some body had recommended me Garnier pure Active Neem Face wash. I used it and now I could see the difference. It really works and now my face is clear with no marks and pimples. Now people use to call me “soft skin didi”

Thanks Garnier to change my identity from Pimple wali didi to soft skin didi.

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