Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun Redi-GO

At last, we both had reached on the same decision!!!!! Yes, I and my husband ultimately like the same car – it is this beautiful and amazing -DATSUN Redi Go.

I have been driving second hand car for past 1 year and since then we are planning to buy a new car, but every time, something went wrong and we ended up with the arguments  on our likes and dislikes of cars .  

We had been many times to showroom to book a car but could not find the car which has all our desirable features. We never ever had come to any conclusion and had always returned empty handed.   

When we heard of DATSUN car launch, we were excited and immediately checked the car specifications, engine power, aesthetics, comfort, space and price  of this beautiful car and found that DATSUN is the one which we are looking for.  After a lengthy study, we had decided and are ready to buy DATSUN as soon as it launches. I must state that we have actually done a lengthy study and had done matrix analysis to choose this car.

We have certain requirements / desirable on the basis of which we judge the cars. DATSUN had fulfilled all our necessities and in fact had incorporated some extra features which are really beyond our expectations and are really appreciable. I would like to share some of its adorable features which separate it from the crowd.

No doubt, it is an excellent car with full package; let it be technically or aesthetically, it is my no. 1 choice.  Its features justify its tag line “FUN, FREEDOM & CONFIDENCE”.  Its each and every feature enhances the meaning of fun, freedom and confidence of my life. Most adorable features which attract me are:-
1)    King Size Space:- It is completely a family car. First thing after seeing its interior design comes to mind is --------let’s go for picnic.  As it is a very spacious car, we can have our full family in for a long weekend trip. My parents & children can easily accommodate, relax and can have fun together. Its comfortable rare seat and enough knee room will surely make my senior citizens at ease & can have long journey with no more leg aching. That is a very big plus point. Large luggage space is an icing on the cake as it allows to me carry enough things for journey.

2)   I will give 10/10 for its safe, efficient and technically finest design. Safety comes first and the features provided in this car are more than the basic safety needs. The heightened stance can allow me to raise myself above all and I can have wider view of road and surrounding which will make more confident while driving the vehicle. Power windows will allow me to control the window operation. Shortest braking distance, High strength body shell to absorb impact and easy maneuvering in traffic are key points and hence make this car more desirable for me. 

3)   Young Magic of the Car – Modern feature of car will make me younger and I will surely go in my early 20’s. Audio system, dash board, lamp design, appealing aesthetic and vibrant color will surely make me dance in its tune.

I would like to test this car on Mumbai road to get over my fear of driving in Mumbai crowd.  Road with traffic, crowed places, narrow lanes and pot holes etc. had always discouraged me to drive but  DATSUN-Redi 2 Go will make my driving full of fun . I would like to test its easy maneuvering facilities, small turning radius, high stance & its speed sensitivity which will make me a safe, confident and happy driver on Mumbai Street.

Thanks to NISSAN- DATSUN – Redi-Go to develop such a nice, technically sound, aesthetically sporty, cozy comfortable featured car and make me & husband irresistibly agreed on the same product to purchase. I hope to drive bronze grey DATSUN very soon on Mumbai Street.  

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My city of 21st Century, Navi Mumbai.

Today everyone looks for a good comfort car which is economical, stylish and comfortable. In order to enjoy the drive, the surroundings and the roads should also blend in the experience. One such city where I live connects this experience. Its Navi Mumbai ….

Birth of Navi Mumbai:-
Navi Mumbai is arguably the most planned city in India. Navi Mumbai is a younger sister to Mumbai. Navi Mumbai was born in order to decongest Mumbai and to provide better lifestyle to its people. Navi Mumbai has planned roads, well developed Infrastructure, parks, Educational Institutes, hospitals and other amenities.

Get On the Roads:-
Being born and brought up in Navi Mumbai I can say driving in this city is a pleasure. The roads are wide, all interior roads are parallel to each other. The roads are well designed taking future traffic into account. The main roads have sub roads in each direction. Each locality is divided into properly marked sectors. So these roads and well defined sectors form the integral part of design which makes a planned city. Almost all highways passing through Navi Mumbai have flyovers at junctions in order to avoid traffic jams.

Marine drive of Navi Mumbai:-
One of the most iconic roads in Navi Mumbai is Palm Beach road which is my favorite road in Navi Mumbai.  It starts from Vashi and ends in CBD Belapur. The road is excellent and has palm trees along the road, the road also has many high rise buildings and is called Marine drive of Navi Mumbai.

Roads and Rains:-
Mumbai is known for its rains and flooding but Navi Mumbai has solved the problem of flooding during rain, it has big water reservoirs & lakes which store water during the rain ,during high tide the water from sea does enter these lakes while during low tide the lakes empty their water into the sea thus avoiding flooding in Navi Mumbai. This is part of design which makes Navi Mumbai better than Mumbai.

Connectivity of infrastructure:-
Navi Mumbai is also an IT hub with many IT companies having their base in the city. The city has good telecom infrastructure and recently being nominated as one of the smart cities in India. The aim of this smart city project is to further improve the infrastructure such as roads, safety security and improving connectivity by addition of Fiber optic network. This will improve the telecom connectivity and wireless connectivity. The present trend is to connect all devices to the internet and this is called as internet of things. The future is of Internet of things and the backbone of this future is the telecom networks. We are all eager to see what the future holds whether its flying cars or cars that are self driven using internet of things or normal cars which are connected to the internet and of course further technologies which improve the driving experience and comfort.

To experience the future we must improve our present and I can see this improvement in my city Navi Mumbai, the city of 21st century.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sugar Free Natura - A Low calorie Sugar substitute

Sugar Free Natura - A Low calorie Sugar substitute

Sugar free Natura is a blessing for people like me who wants to reduce their weight without negotiating their craving for sweets. I am fond of eating sweets.  Whenever I feel low I eat some sweets and I feel rejuvenated. I always prepare some sweets like laddoo, barfis and gujiya etc. etc. etc………….You can always find some or other sweets in our home.
At the same time I am very strict when it comes to health. I make sure that what we eat should be made of best ingredients and always try to substitute the high calorie items with something different without compromising on the taste.
I found Sugar Free Natura is really a good sugar substitute which guarantees the sweetness of sugar without the calories. Recently I started using Sugar Free Natura in all my sweets.
Today, I would like to share the recipe of my favourite sweet – Besan Almond laddoos. It is a very easy dish to prepare and can be stored for 1 to 2 weeks.
The measurement given is for making 10 to 12 ladoos .

  •           Besan –400 gms / 2 cups
  •          Ghee- ½ cup
  •          Crushed Almonds- ½ cup
  •      Sugar free Natura sachets

 ** 1 Cup = 200ml.
Cardamom powder, crushed pista & kaju can also be added. I am limiting only to the almonds as it tastes awesome with besan.


  •         Heat ghee in thick bottom pan.

  •          Add besan and keep stirring it on low flame for about 15-20 min.

  •         After certain time, you will start getting the fragrance of roasted besan.

  •     Then add Sugar Free Natura and keep stirring it on low flame.

  •          By then you will start getting the sweet  aroma of  roasted besan.

  •     Then add almond powder.

  •     Keep stirring the mixture on low flame for another 5 to 10 minutes.

  •      Then turn off the gas and let the mixture cool down for sometime

  •      After that you can make the almond besan laddoos with this mixture.

These are your very healthy ladoos  and now you can eat these as many as you want without thinking of putting on the weight.

Thanks to Sugar Free Natura…..

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Live for others - made of great

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile
                                                                     ……..Albert Einstein

Do I think of the things which are beyond my life? Do I really care about my surrounding? Do I really care about people and believe in serving people without any return?
These questions I asked to myself after spending 2 full days in an awareness program with my Doctor Ms. Archana.

Few years back, I struck with an accident and my left hand wrist got twisted. In order to make my wrist movement proper, I was needed to do physiotherapy for some days. Dr. Archana is a well known physiotherapist. I visited her for my treatment.

She has her clinic in the premise of an old aged home. This old age home has capacity to take care of 50 people. It has a clinic, multipurpose hall, gym, library, big dining hall, kitchen, store room and 25 rooms. The area is very peaceful and quiet. Tall trees can be seen from the entrance. These trees are planted in one row and tree trunk is painted with white & brick red color lines.  On the either side of main entry road, there are gardens with plenty of plants. There are variety of plants including fruits, vegetables and flowers. For a while I forgot my pain and lost myself in such a peaceful and tranquilize surroundings. Colorful flowers were dancing, birds were singing and fresh air was blowing. Wow………..I was not aware of such beautiful place in the middle of city. It was amazing.
 It was around 10’ o clock in the morning, I reached to her clinic and was waiting for my turn in the front yard. It was not like any sophisticated clinic but a simple and peaceful area.  
I was observing the surroundings and that simple look was soothing my eyes. Then after around 15 min. my turn came. Doctor was very simply dressed and had nicely plated her hair. Her voice was very calm and composed. Her actions were controlled and her gesture was steady and confident. I was very much impressed by her appearance as it was giving me the confidence that I was in the right place.

Then she examined my wrist and suggested me to visit her for the next full week for exercise and treatment. Then from next day onwards, I visited her daily and in every visit along with the treatment I experienced different world altogether. I used to spend 2 hr daily over there doing some exercise to release my pain and that 2 hrs of those 7 days were my best time spent.  I saw the nurses caring the patients, I witnessed the Doctor working hard to cure the people, I felt the thankfulness of the patient for the doctor, and I saw the satisfaction on the face of doctor.  Believe me this emotion of satisfaction has made Dr. Archana’s  face to glow and amazingly beautiful.  

Doctor is expert in her field and patients are visiting long way to get treated from her. I could see that satisfaction on her face when a patient gets well. Then slowly, I came to know that she does the treatment to patient free of cost that cannot afford the price. She is being associated with many groups who take care of needy & orphans and educates them on health and sanitation. She also nurses the people who reside in old age home without any charges.  I was very much impressed by her work and then slowly within a week we become good friends. Then after a week and half, I was fine & stopped seeing the clinic but we are in touch over phones and mails. I like to hear very much about her social activities, her experiences about people and about her camps and all.

On one such occasion, there was a camp in one of the backward village and she was thinking to go there for 2 days. She just told me about that and I ask her whether I can join her. She was very much happy and agreed to it without delay.

So on the following weekend, we both were on our ways to go to destination. We were not travelling by any car or some luxury bus; instead we had taken a normal bus. She told me that this bus takes the route of village and so we can enjoy the beauty of nature and the simplicity of village. It was very pleasant outside and yes, we really enjoyed the outside greenery. Bus stopped after 3 hours for tea / coffee in some village. We got down and went to a tea stall. She had some chat over there with local people and tried to analyze the kind of medical facilities available over there. She enquired about girls education, about the schools, hospitals & health , hygiene and all. She was carefully noting down all these information. She said that she will prepare a report of it and then determine the exact requirement for development of villagers. Such reports help those people to schedule or suggest the next health aware camp in that place too, if required. I was impressed and though that I had never ever thought of doing such kind of work. Then she told me that every weekend she devotes her services in such camp or in such kind of organization. She told me that by doing so she feels good about herself. She gets satisfaction and happiness which she doesn’t get from anything else. We again boarded the bus and she shared her various experiences of such works. I was really impressed and enlighten.

Then after 2 hours, we reach at the place. Few other people were also there, amongst them three were doctors, two were journalists, other two were social workers and rests of them were students. I was very much amazed to see their enthusiasm and commitment. I must tell that their work was very much planned and articulated.  In the next two hours, Dr. Archana had explained their motives and about the programs to be conducted over there and their line of action.

We were divided into three teams: team-1 was responsible for cleaning the village with the help of local people. Teaching & training to the villager about health,  hygiene, sanitation, nutrition diet, cleanliness and make them aware for education requirement, facilities provided by the government etc. was the responsibility of team:2. Team-3 was planned to do free health checkups for all the people and educate them about the household’s medicine for headache, body pain, cough & cold etc. Everybody has done their part of work with full devotion and really we could see the some change in the behavior of the village people about their own health & hygiene.

I was amazed to see the disciple of each team members and also of the villager. Two days had passed very quickly and we were really not feeling tired instead everyone was feeling more enthusictic for the next campaign. Village people were also very happy and they greeted each of us and I could see the happiness on their face as well.

I was the part of such kind of work for the first time. I could not tell in the words the kind of satisfaction and a sense of completeness filled within my heart at that moment.
This event has completely transformed me, my thinking and my lifestyle. Since then I always try to join Dr. Archana for such campaign. Doing work for others expecting nothing is altogether a different feeling. I am fortunate to get the company of such people. These people are really made of great. These people work for others happiness, others health and for others well being.  

My salute to all those who help the society and to their pure motive and great services.

Monday, May 4, 2015

आज फिर वही दोपहर

आज फिर वही दोपहर 
सब शांत और एक ठहरा हुआ पहर 
खिड़की के बाहर देखती हूँ फिर वही धुप की सहर 

आज फिर वही दोपहर 
आजकल दो चिड़ियाऐ आती है बरामदे में इस कदर 
जैसे मिलते है दो दिल छोड़ के दुनिया की हर फिकर 

आज फिर वही दोपहर
अब रोज ही लगा रहता है चिड़ा चिड़ी का मिलन इस पहर 
शायद प्यार की बातें करते है वो इतनी सारी  पटर पटर 

आज फिर वही दोपहर
बैठी हूँ आज फिर चिड़ा चिड़ी को देखने हो कर बेसबर
पर आज चिड़ी नहीं आई बिना दिए कोई ख़बर 

आज फिर वही दोपहर
चिड़ा रोज आता रहा लेनेको चिड़ी की खोज ख़बर 
लेकिन चिड़ी नहीं आई फिर कभी उस बरामदे में किसी दोपहर 

आज फिर वही दोपहर
अब सिर्फ हम दोनों ही होते है मैं और चिड़ा इस समय  इस पहर 
सोचते है कब आएगी चिड़ी छोड़के दुनिया की रस्मे और होके बेफ़िकर  

आज फिर वही दोपहर

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Look up story……Story of Contentment………

Future is highly uncertain. We don’t know what will be served on the platter in our future. In spit of this uncertainty, we move on, plan our future and see dreams in a hope to accomplish them successfully. To live life happier, one has to be optimistic about the future.

Sometimes, in the path of this uncertain life, we find our self de motivated, tired and helpless. Sometimes, we just drag our life without any enthusiasm. Sometimes, we lose charm of living and find our self running in rat race to fulfill our obligations.

During such difficult times, if we could able to get a word of wisdom, a feeling of togetherness, a ray of hope, a friend to share, a place to rest, a praise to motivate, a hand to help then life will be full of optimism again.

I would like to share my story ………look up story…………story of contentment………….story of my mother’s smile…………

My mother always wanted me to be independent. She wanted to see me as a strong, independent, and a tough lady. Other than studies, she sent me to karate class, swimming and driving classes etc. She had struggled a lot in bringing me up. She wanted me to take good education, to do good job and wanted me to be financially, emotionally and mentally strong and settled. I also wanted to fulfill all her dreams and wanted to give her a conformable life ahead.

I did my engineering and got placed in a reputed company through campus interview itself. My mother was very happy ……….she was on cloud 9. She advised me to do job sincerely and perfectly. I joined the company and after a month I got my first salary. I was very happy on that day. I was filled with joy and excitement.

I decided to gift something to my mother. I wanted to present her something which represents her strength, her struggle, her patience, her values, and her determination.  I wanted to gift something which represents my respect and my love for her. I wanted to express my feeling for her that how much I admire her, how much I care for her and how much I follow her.

On that day, I left office early and directly went to jeweler and purchased a gold chain for her. I selected gold as it’s every characteristics match with mother’s attributes. Like Gold, my mother’s heart is very soft and simple. She is very kind and generous. Same as Gold, her thoughts are bright and I could get solution to every problem in her gold like bright and shining light. Her enthusiasm for a work is remarkable just like the state of Gold as it remains unaffected by passage of time. Gold shows wisdom, success and perfection and it is presented to the person who achieved such kind of greatness. Therefore, as symbol of aforesaid characteristics, I decided to gift a Gold chain to her.

I bought the chain and straight away go to my place. She was engaged in her daily chores. I went and closed her eyes and presented her the gift. …......... I touched her feet and she blesses me. I could see the tears in her eyes. I could see the contentment and satisfaction on her face. That emotion of contentment on her face is everything for me and that was the time when I too feel contended and motivated. That incident and that day and all that emotions made me highly optimistic about my future and motivated me achieve great height in my future life.
Thanks MOM for everything…………Thanks a Lot ………
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Dream, Think, Work and Chase………….and # start a new life.

………..”Nothing is permanent except the change” Quote by Heraclitus………This quote always helps me to accept the change. To accept change or to bring change, one has to struggle and stretch his/her capabilities beyond the limit. One has to be bold enough to face the consequence of self initiated change. Courage, boldness and vision make every change successful, positive and productive.

I still remember the incident very clearly…… 8 years ago…….. I was on the pivot of my academic and professional life.  At that point of time, I had just completed one year of my job after graduation and was very much willing to do my post graduation studies. However, the financial situation of our family was so tight that we could not dare to invest any sum on my further studies.

But I was committed to myself and wanted to go for higher education for my own better perspective. During my training period, I had an entrance exam for post graduate diploma and got its cracked.

To enroll and to take admission for the course, I was supposed to deposit advance fee of Rs. 1.0 Lacs and then 1.5 lacs each year excluding food and hostel facilities. Total expenses to be incurred for the course were about Rs. 5 lacs including food & hostel etc. for 2 years full time course.  In addition to these expenses, there would be a loss of Rs. 3.00 Lacs as I would not be earning anything for two years.

At that point of time, I was to take decision; I was to make my mind clear, focused and then was supposed to move ahead. I was clueless. On one side, I could see my bright future and on the other hand there were financial constraints. 

In spite of all these hurdles, I decided to select education over financial trouble. I knew that after completing the course, I could earn more and then can support my family in much better way. I then decided to bear all my expenses alone. Later, I got my education loan sanctioned and got myself enrolled for the course.

I experienced a major change in circumstances and in the emotions when there was a shift in my role from working lady to student once again. Few days after the commencement of course were difficult for me but I was determined to make my decision correct. I studied hard there and cleared the exams with good marks. I got nice job of my choice and of my caliber in the campus placement itself. Thereafter in following years, I repaid my entire loan amount and had saved reasonable amount of money.             
Now I am doing my service and simultaneously reading other things to keep myself upgraded. At the same time, I am supporting my family and helping others to take education. So my dream of higher education and dream of supporting my family is full filled.   

So ………dream, think, work, chase…………#start a new life with  Check the link              

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let’s feel the coziness # Together

I believe in famous quote “Love is nothing but friendship” If two souls are best friends then their relationship will blossom like anything. I am experiencing such coziness of friendship and love with my dear husband (DH).

It was purely an arranged marriage. We hardly knew each other but as per our tradition, the groom was selected on the basis of his education, family background and on the basis of his job. Before marriage, we hardly got any chance to know each other. However, everything went smooth and we tied knot in the month of Feb, 2012.

Within a few days only, I was impressed with the humble nature of DH. I found him a well mature, understanding and a responsible person. Coincidentally, our liking's for nature, pets, arts, and sports also match. We both are foodie and love to try different recipes and cuisine. I started developing a bond of friendship with him. He understands me and has always extended his unconditional support to me. He cares for me and always makes me feel comfortable in every odd situation. I started loving this bond of friendship ………….Ishq wala love ………… 

Everything was going on the track. Love is in the air………We started craving for each other’s company. We were enjoying our love life. We were also doing great on respective professional fronts. 

We were celebrating two months of togetherness and on one fine morning, I got a new assignment for which I was instructed to go out station. This tour was not for a week or so but I was required to be there for full 3 months and in between I could not leave my assignment for a single day. As per timeline, I was supposed to leave the city in next two days.

OMG!!! Such an unexpected and unavoidable work………….I was very much worried and upset as my in-laws already had planned to visit us in next week. I was surrounded by lots of unpleasant questions ……. What would DH think about such a sudden trip? What would be my in-laws’ reaction when I won’t be there to receive them? Will DH understand the gravity of my work? Does he respect to my work? What if he does not allow me to go outstation? What if he says to leave the job?  Ohhhhhhhh …………..I was dammed scared.

After office, I drove down to home. My mind was fully occupied with number of questions which DH may ask.  I unlocked the home and dumped myself on the couch. Till the time DH came, I was deeply involved in Ifs & BUTs. DH was surprised to see my long depressed and anxious face. ……..

He rushed towards me and held my hand tightly. My eyes could not hold tears any more and rolled down on my cheeks. He cuddled me and asked me the reason behind these tears.

Somehow, I managed to tell him about my unplanned but important work outstation and showed my concerned for him and in-laws’ trip.

I was very well aware of the fact that for a newly wedded bride, it is highly unexpected and undesirable to go outstation for work, leaving behind her husband and in-laws. But work was also important for me. I can not shake off my responsibility.

I was confused, messed up and indecisive. I wanted to be with my dear husband and my parents in laws and also wanted to do my work. DH had already understood my dilemma and told me to go ahead with the work. He assured me that he will take care of other things.  With his assurance and confidence I moved on.

I reached my destination and stated working on my project, but I could not concentrate on the work as I m feeling very guilty for leaving my husband and in laws unattended. I called DH and discussed my guilty feeling. He reassured me and asked to concentrate on the work.

 Hmmmm……….I took deep breath. At that moment, I desperately wanted to hug DH.

Next day morning, I got out of my bed and to my surprise my dear husband and in laws were there at my door. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God………….What a moment that was………………….it was a big surprise. ………………………  

My parents in law told me that DH had already called them and discussed my work, worry, and wrong doing feeling. So at that point of time, three of them had decided to be with me for one week. My in laws completely made me conformable and said that they did not have any grudge for me. In facts, my in laws appreciated my dedication for the work and told me that I have full right to build my career.

On that day I really felt contended to be a part of such a nice and understanding family.  After that we had a cup of strong coffee and had delicious breakfast.  We had full fun during their stay. In the morning we used to go for walking and while I was in the office, they all used to go for sightseeing and shopping etc.   At lunch time, we used reunite and used to have food + funny. In the evening after my office, we all four used to hang around and talk talk & talk.

My in-laws were very happy and satisfied with the trip. They appreciated my skill of balancing two fronts (Work + life balance). I was also satisfied.

During the full week, I could see the support, understanding and unspoken love of DH. His assurance, his words, his actions had motivated me to complete my work.  
I am lucky to have my loving husband together for my whole life. Like a friend he always advises me, guides me and cares for me. I always feel cozy and warm with him. I am happy with my love and for me this is my power.   

So enjoy togetherness also with  Check the link                 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

रंगों का यह सुन्दर त्यौहार happy holi

रंगों का यह सुन्दर त्यौहार
हो गये हम रंगने को तैयार
गुलाल से निखरा हमारा प्यार
लगा पिचकारी का सीधा मार

रंगों का यह सुन्दर त्यौहार
दूध में मिलायी भंग की धार
गटक लिया गिलास हमने एक ही बार
और नाचे हम बिन घुंघरू और सितार

रंगों का यह सुन्दर त्यौहार
पिया ने किया प्यार का इज़्हार
जीवन के सुन्दर रंग का हुआ इकरार
होली लायी मेरी जिंदगी में फ़ुहार

रंगों का यह सुन्दर त्यौहार
रंगों का यह सुन्दर त्यौहार

Monday, February 2, 2015

आज मन फिर से हैरान है

आज मन फिर से हैरान है
तुम्हारी यादों का यह तूफ़ान है

तुम्हारी यादों का यह तूफ़ान है
बह गया मेरा दिल का यह मकान है

बह गया मेरे दिल का मकान है
ख्वाहिशो का अब ना नामो निशान है

ख्वाहिशो का अब ना नामो निशान है
मेरे सपनो की दुनिया ये वीरान है

मेरे सपनो की दुनिया ये वीरान है
ये कैसा मेरा इम्तेहान है

ये कैसा मेरा इम्तेहान है
आज मन फिर से हैरान है

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quick, Quick &&&&&&&&&&&Quikr

Buying and selling is nothing but an agreement between buyer and seller. Seller agrees to sell an entity with required specifications on agreed time. And at the same Time, buyer agrees to pay the agreed amount to seller on time. For a successful deal, following parameters to be taken care of:
1. Clear, specific and detailed knowledge of product to be purchased.
2. Recorded and unambiguous negotiation of deal.
3. Timely delivery of product. 
Quikr has provided a wonderful platform for buyer and seller to meet up their expectations. Quikr  has launched a new application Quikr Nxt which is a great application through which buyer and seller can exchange their products information, details, requirements and record their  negotiations deal and  finalized their  deal etc without any phone calls.
Today the mode of expression and exchange & telecommunications has got a new level. Chating has many positive aspects over phone calls. Facilities provided in Quiker nxt chat function is the far better and safe than phone call in order to finalize the deal with strangers . Major advantages of this applications are
1. Time saving and multitasking.
2. One can handle number of clients at a time.
3. Person can share details as required and demanded by purchaser.
4. Easy judgement as every communication is on record.
5. Negotiations and conversation can be saved
6. Most important is that one can keep phone no. and personal email-ID confidential.
8. For taking, we need only Quikr ID and password.
9. As identity remain private, fake and annoying contacts can be avoided.
10. It has option to block any person and delete contacts.
One of the biggest advantage of this inter-net medium is safety and security. People are safe both personally and safe as far as their deal is concerned. In addition to aforesaid, I would prefer this chat function over phone calls to finalize my business because
1. Every time I need not to talk. Its very annoying when any dealer calls in between of a meeting. Further, I need not to safe all the contact numbers of perspective buyer or seller as their Quikr id will be available with me anytime.
2. Its not necessary that every time only I have  to answer or question from second party. Any one ( of course my people who are involved in deal) can take up the conversion if I m not available.
3. Easy communication with no ambiguity. Parties can share details as and when required. As every communication is being recorded and saved in history so there are very less chance to disagree with own commitment and agreement
I really appreciate and thankful to Quikr for developing such use friendly chat classified. Soooooooooo

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pimple wali didi to soft skin didi

One year back my face was with full of pimples. I had suffered a lot of pain physically, emotionally and mentally because of these pimples and marks of my face. I was fed up with the sarcastic comments which were passed by the people on my appearance. I was frustrated by the suggestions and various remedies offered to me for curing my pimple face. I had tried at least more than 50 products (Homemade and commercial) to clear pimples and to make my face clean but nothing works on it. Here are the comments which were passed on me by majority of people.

Some of most common Comments / taunts:-

1) Children of our colony used to call me pimple wali didi ( Lady with pimple face)

2) Aunties used to tell me that they could not see my face as it is covered with pimples.

3) People use to tell my parents that getting groom for me is a big task. No one likes to marry a pimpled face girl.

4) My classmates avoided my company.

5) My dance teacher and friends were used to tell me that there is no space on my face to put makeup.

6) Beauty parlor ladies avoided to clean my face.

List is endless. I was so depressed with my pimple face and moreover highly depressed with such comments. That is not the end, people, so called my well wishers and close relatives did not leave any chance to suggest number of remedies to make my face pimple free. All these unnecessary and unwanted suggestions disturbed me a lot.

People used to feel sorry for me and offered sympathetic words to heal my trauma. All these affected me and hurt me a lot. Sympathetic words as listed below had annoyed me and made me feel guilty for my pimple face.

1) What a pity girl, having so many pimples on her face.

2) My friends use to tell to wear bright color dresses to distract the attention of people from my face.

3) People told me to wear broad glares to hide my face.

4) People use to console me as if something very wrong had happened with me.

5) People had also told me that I need not to worry for marriage. There are so many people who are single or find some guy who looks alike you.

Infinite numbers of treatments were offered to me by people who considered themselves as world renounced dermatologist. That list is countless. I was very much worried not for my face but for people who were having problems with my face. I was tired, depressed, was with low confidence and for 6 months or so, I had completely avoided public places, party and get together etc.

After a long time, I went to my best friend’s wedding. But pimples……. here also had come in my way of enjoyment. Out of a sudden, a child came to me and told “Pimple wali did apko mausi bula rahi hai” (Aunt is calling you Pimple faces lady). My heart skunked, my face was just dropped. With that long face I went to my aunty and she told me to give flowers to people who had come from groom side. I had carried the basket with flower and started distributing the same. Then I over heard some saying “ vo pimple wali ke pass kitne sundar phool hai” ( see that girl with pimple is having beautiful flowers). I was shocked and ran to washroom. I understood that my identity is not my education, not my family, not my profession but my identity is my pimples. My tears rolled down on my pimpled chicks. Perhaps that day I had seriously observed my face. Then I decided to get rid of these pimples.

Some body had recommended me Garnier pure Active Neem Face wash. I used it and now I could see the difference. It really works and now my face is clear with no marks and pimples. Now people use to call me “soft skin didi”

Thanks Garnier to change my identity from Pimple wali didi to soft skin didi.

Monday, December 29, 2014

दिल खिल रहा हैँ

तुम आ रहे हो
दिल खिल रहा है।
बड़े दिनों के बाद आँगन में
यह फूल खिल रहा है।।
क्या बताये आज यह समय
थम सा गया है।
बहुत समय के बाद रूह में
दिल धड़क रहा है।।
अब कही जाके इस वक्त
मुझे होश आया है।
अरसे बाद आईने में
यह चेहरा मुस्कुरा रहा है।।
आज कही गीत संगीत
याद आ रहा है।
कई सालो बाद होंठो में
सप्तक गुनगुना रहा हैँ।।
तुम आ रहे हो
दिल खिल रहा है।

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


This topic reminds me of my childhood days. I lived in a small house located in a very crowded area. That house belonged to my ancestors and was almost 50 years that time. I was the fourth generation residing at the same place. House with only two rooms was very small to accommodate a family of 6 members. There was no separate toilet and we had to go common toilet backyards to address our natural calls. We were using small passage for bathing and same passage was used for washing clothes and utensils. Other houses in the nearby area were also of same type. On both the side of road, there were open gutters and municipal water tap were besides gutters. Surrounding area was very unhygienic and unhealthy. As there was no facility for defacing in the houses, children use to deface near the gutters in open area. They used to brush and bath at the road side near the water tap. People used to wash clothes and utensils there itself. Garbage of the house was thrown on the road. People who were appointed to clean gutters and road appear once in a month. These cleaners had habit to take out all the chocked gutters waste and accumulate it on the road side. As far as I remember, garbage tank never came and road was always as it was with gutters mud accumulates. Situation worsened during rainy seasons as gutters were not design to carry storm water. Rain water never passed away from gutter and this kept the road flooded. Due to such dampness and accumulated garbage, mosquito used to breed there and ultimately the diseases.

Many places in India still have such unhealthy surrounding.  These localities needs improvement in area of sanitation and cleanliness.

Subsequently in our area some improvement was carried out by the authorities with help of local people .Improvements such as gutters are now covered, facility of ground water pumping, toilets in every house, , daily cleaners clean road and to wash gutters. Our place has improved. But such improvement is not there on other places. We have fight against such unhygienic situation to be 100% safe and healthy.

Sanitation means availability of portable drinking water, proper storm water drainage and sewage disposal. I would like to say that government and public and Municipal Corporation are working at their best to achieve 100% clean environment but as an individual we have to be responsible and start from our side way forward for cleanliness.

Basics for maintaining hygiene at home:-
1) Wash hands properly2) Clean floor with disinfectant3) Wash toilets with germ free liquid4) Use dustbin5) Keep kitchen clean6) Keep lid on drinking water storage and on food

Basic for maintaining hygiene at public places:-1) Do not throw waste on road2) Do not throw plastic, rappers and garbage on road3) Do not spit4) Use public toilets5) Volunteer for cleanliness drive6) Spread awareness to public

I understand that to make a good sanitation, health and hygiene system , we have to change our attitude towards cleanliness. We have to educate our self and others towards sanitation and we have to take action for making dream of Swachh India come true. In short we have to follow AEA i.e. Attitude, Educate and Action.
In a way forward and with the aim to make India clean, Dettol and NDTV both as responsible corporate has taken cleanliness initiative “ Har sapna sach karega India, Banega Swach India”. This initiative by Dettol and NDTV is really appreciable and falls in theory of AEA (i.e. Attitude, Educate and Act).
Such initiative is really good and here I would like to list some of its main feature which I appreciate the most are:-
1) Dettol-Banega Swachh India- a 5 year program2) Aim of programme to create awareness about the importance of hygiene and sanitation3) Swachh express will travel to 8 states over 75days4) Swachh ambassadors5) 12 hours cleanathon6) Working with NGO partners to support infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets.

I would like to congratulate Dettol – NDTV Swach India Drive and at last, I request everybody to adore AEA and take new year resolution to keep our country clean, happy and healthy.

स्वच्छ रखो अपने भारत देश को
स्वच्छ रखो अपने भारत देश को

न फेको रस्ते पर कूड़ा कचरा
डालो कूड़े दान में उसका हर एक कतरा

न करो खुले में शौच
वरना खुल जाएगी बीमारियों की चोच

पढ़ो लिखो जानकर बनो
स्वस्थ स्वच्छ एक समाज बनो

सीखो नए आधुनिक तरीके
जो बनाये देश के सुन्दर हर एक कबीले

प्रोत्साहित करो जनता को
दो सहयोग स्वछ भारत अभियान को

आओ मिलो हांथो से हाथ
और मिलकर बोलो Dettole - NDTV के साथ
हर सपना सच करेगा INDIA
बनेगा स्वच्छ INDIA
बनेगा स्वच्छ INDIAबनेगा स्वच्छ INDIA

Visit the link here: 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Clean and clear office desk is always appreciated. Organized working table reflects psychological and physical behavior of persons doing work over there. It shows person is systematic, organized and does not procrastinate the work, very specific and well behaved.

Why to keep your desk clean:-

1) Less distraction

2) Focused on current / important issue

3) Less chances to loss any paper

4) Ease in locating desired document

5) Psychological peace in terms of less pressure, feeling of situation under control

Hindrances to keep desk clean:-

1) Procrastination

2) Less importance of filing system

Clean working desk indicates:-

1) Systematic & organized person

2) Person’s clarity of thoughts

3) Enjoy doing work

4) Give importance to small but significant things

5) Like peace of mind

Clean and systematic Desk (Pictures from internet)

Here are 5 basic things we can do to keep table in order:- 

1) Prioritize work and hence the document:- Generally we are habitual to keep all working papers on the desk and avoid to file it or keep it on proper assigned place. Through we are working on limited paper / file, we keep on accumulating documents on desk, thinking these can be organized at time later. This is our biggest mistake. Such heaps of files affect our working efficiency, surrounding environment and atmosphere. We are unable to locate relevant document from such piles of paper. In order to overcome this paper anxiety, prioritize your assignments. Take one task at a time. Retain papers only to related work doing at that time. File rest of the documents. By doing this, we can concentrate on specific assignment, locate any paper easily and can do work in systematic and efficient manner.

2) Define location to each object: - Your office desk has many objects like pen stand, desktop, telephone, and water bottle; file carrier, paper weight, stationary etc…Try to optimize the space of table. Define place to each utilities. Accessories should be kept in such a way that it should be easily accessible and convenient.

3) Utilize the space: - Make use of horizontal as well as vertical space of your desk. Always use vertical board space effectively. To do list, important contact no. , major projects highlights etc. and your personal objects like family photo, object that inspire your etc. can be pinned on desk board. This will reduce desk space considerably.

4) Reduce paper work: - Do not carry or keep irrelevant paper. Try to avoid accumulation of waste paper. Properly document the loose paper in the folder.

5) Look at the desk while leaving:-At the end of the day, when you leave your desk then check your table. Keep all the left out things in their places. Clear all papers, arrange documents properly.

Above mentioned are the easiest ways to keep your desk tidy. In the next morning, you yourself will appreciate the clean desk.

Results of keeping table clean:-

1) Increase in efficiency

2) Focus on important assignment

3) Locating paper/ documents as and when required in no time

4) Feeling of doing work in correct direction

5) Appreciation from people and seniors.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy morning

Happy morning Happy  day...

Our first action in the morning decides our rest of the day and of course the day of our family members. If we are positive, full of energy and enthusiastic in the morning, our full day will be a fun day . To make my mornings happy , I have tried these tips and now want to share with you people to make your morning amazing .

First I would like to share what "not" to do in the morning then we will deal with the "do" part of it.

1. Do not hold the yesterday grudges:
Do not remind the past day problems, hurt or any depressingly thought when u just get up. Just shake off disappointing things.

2. Don't take the burden of today:
Don't just start thinking of big assignment pending for you to do. Or don't remember the people to whom you have face to day. Avoid listing of pending works as a first thing in the morning. Mornings are meant only for feeling the best in you.
3. Avoid speed in the morning:  
Start your day slowly, calmly and peacefully. Avoid picking speed of express train. Start a day with harmony.
Now after don't, i would like to share do with you to make your day super:
1. Get sufficient sleep:
Don't compromise your sleeping time. 7 to 8 hrs of sleep is mandatory. Make a habit to go to bed on time and make a habit to get up without having irritating sound of alarm.
2. Pray:
First thing in the morning to do is to  pray  God and be thankful for his blessings. This will give a kind of confidence and assurance that this day will also be like other beautiful days.
3. Smile and appreciate:
Just go and stand in front of mirror. Wish yourself a good morning and appreciate your qualities and remind your flaws that you will try to improve upon.
4. Exercise and mediate: 10 minute workout and 10 minute meditation is certainly very helpful. This will increase your serotonin levels( a kind of brain chemical which gives feelings of happiness.)
5. Healthy breakfast:
Get some stomach feeling food. Have  fruits,milk,protein diet. This will make you survive till lunch time.
All these things have benefited me to make my day wonderful. If the day is bad then  it make me Strong to fight against such odds and maintain my cool.
I have tries these simple methods to buy a very good morning. Moreover these steps are not at all time consuming. Just spend few minutes and result will last for hours.